Why choose aliwen incoming?

Offering the highest levels of service, local insight from Argentines passionate about their country and perfectionist planning, Aliwen Incoming ticks all the boxes for creating truly unforgettable and seamlessly prepared experiential trips.

Created to provide truly tailor made trips for individuals, small groups or incentives who desire the highest standards every step of the way, we are fanatical about the details and always go the extra mile to deliver that ‘trip of a lifetime’.

Our team is comprised of experts who have extensive experience in planning and operating programmes within Argentina, and further afield in Chile, Uruguay & Antarctica. Our specialists have travelled extensively throughout the country discovering unique and exclusive experiences and discovering dreamy places to lay your head. Always on the search for the newest offerings in the country we are consistently updating new services and hotels to insure we share the very best of our Argentina with you. We take pride in giving our full attention to the small details, those things that make the difference between a good trip and a great one, so that our clients can have a truly unforgettable Argentine experience!

  • What does Aliwen mean?

    'Aliwen', in the ancient Mapuche Language means ‘Tree of Great Dimensions’. Legend tells that the Machi (the spiritual healer or ‘shaman’ of the Mapuchi), joined with this sacred tree merging into one being, it was a mystic union that symbolized the connection between Man and Universe. At Aliwen we believe that when you travel, there is a magic encounter between the land and yourself which leads you to uncover the true values, experiences and beauty of life.

  • What is our philosophy?

    At Aliwen Incoming we aim to create totally unique holidays, bespoke designed to clients needs, where no two trips are the same. We like to combine accommodation that is full of character, use outstanding guides to help you explore, and get you from A to B using different means of transportation. Wherever possible we support local projects and family-owned properties. We ensure we deliver all of this with good value and at competitive prices.

We invite you to get inspired by our Country!

Our staff makes the difference

We put enthusiam and commitment to each new itinerary

We create meaningful experiences and everlasting memories

We are friendly and flexible

We love what we do

Meet our Team

  • Carolina Muchnik

    Carolina first fell in love with the landscape of Argentina whilst camping in some of it’s most remote regions; she loves the contact with nature gained from walking through these unspoilt areas. Holding a Masters degree in tourism from Spain she went on to work for a year in a UK based agency. Sixteen years ago, already working in the travel industry creating and managing itineraries for groups and incentives she met fellow Argentine Gabriela, and the seed was sown for Aliwen. She has travelled extensively through Calafate, the Lake District, Puerto Madryn, Cordoba, Mendoza, and Iguazu. She also visited Antarctica, Chile and Brazil. Her favourite destinations are the startlingly different but equally beautiful Mendoza and El Calafate.

  • Victoria Aliprandi

    Since she was a young girl Victoria has been obsessed with travelling so it was only natural she went on to study tourism at degree level going on to become the 1st member of the sales team at Aliwen. She has family in Calafate, where her passion for travel and love of nature was nurtured. It’s no surprise her favourite destinations are Calafate and El Chalten, although she has travelled throughout the country. She has been in the Northwest, in Iguazu, Esteros del Ibera, Puerto Madryn, Bariloche, Mendoza, San Luis, Cordoba, Entre Rios, the Lake Region, Ushuaia, the Ruta 3 and also to Antarctica. You can see why she is famously fabulous at designing itineraries for remote regions!

    • Nickname: Di
    • Studies: Tourism – Univ. Abierta Interamericana
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Los Cauquenes
    • Favourite Destination: Lakes Region

    Diana Capellino

    • Nickname: Negro
    • Studies: Tourism and Hospitality
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Legado Mitico Buenos Aires
    • Favourite Destination: El Chaltén

    Lucas Petringa

    • Nickname: Lu
    • Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism, Postgraduates Studies in Strategic Management of Sustainable Development, MA in Environmental Studies
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Posta de Purmamarca
    • Favourite Destination: Bariloche

    Lucia Triviño

    • Nickname: El Gringo
    • Studies: Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management - National Guide (Argentina)
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Casa de Uco, Mendoza
    • Favourite Destination: Buenos Aires

    Alex Nefodov

    • Nickname: Marisol
    • Studies: Master degree on Tourism
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Villa Beluno
    • Favourite Destination: Bariloche & Lakes Area

    Marisol Gonzalez

    • Nickname: Abril
    • Studies: Degree in Tourism & Hotel Managment
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Hotel Tronador
    • Favourite Destination: Bariloche

    Abril Aiello

    • Nickname: Agus
    • Studies: Tourism & Hospitality
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Rincón del Socorro
    • Favourite Destination: Iguazú

    Agustina Isely

    • Nickname: Cele
    • Studies: Technical degree in tourism
    • Favourite Hotel:
    • Favourite Destination: El Chalten

    Celeste Spacech

    • Nickname: Paz
    • Studies: Tourism and Hospitality
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Awasi Iguazú
    • Favourite Destination: El Chalten

    Paz Cantarini

    • Nickname: Val
    • Studies: Tourism & Hospitality
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Eolo Lodge
    • Favourite Destination: El Chaltén

    Valentina Garcia Rubio

    • Nickname: Noe
    • Studies: Turism & Hospitality
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Chalten Suites
    • Favourite Destination: Cordoba

    Noelia Adragna

    • Nickname: Lu
    • Studies: Administration business - Universidad Fermin Toro - Venezuela
    • Favourite Hotel:
      Eolo Lodge
    • Favourite Destination: Bariloche

    Luisa Castro