There are several paths to the west of Argentina that lead to Chile. Either at the North, crossing from Salta to Atacama, or in the centre from Mendoza to Santiago or inPatagonia, from Bariloche to Puerto Montt or from El Calafate to Torres del Paine.

Chile and Argentina combine perfectly for a super trip!

Suggested Itineraries

  • Isla de Pascua

    Easter Island is the most isolated land on earth. Known for its mysterious moais, it still remains unsolved how more than 600 volcanic-rock figures were erected and set into their final position.  Rapa Nui, how local people call the land, themselves and also the language –  was declared Human Heritage by UNESCO in 1995; the island offers a wide range of options: beaches, volcanoes, caverns and the moais of course!. Visit this magical island to learn more about their ancestral culture while you enjoy its natural beauty.

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  • Chilean Patagonia - Torres del Paine

    • Transfer from El Calafate to Puerto Natales.
    • 2 nights of accomodation at Puerto Natales.
    • Full Day Excursion into the National Park Torres del Paine, visiting Lake Grey and the Grey Glacier, as well as the breath-taking Torres Massif and its jagged peaks.
    • Several short hikes will allow you to reach fabulous viewing points in the park, and to discover its wonderful flora and fauna.
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  • Santiago de Chile

    Santiago de Chile is the capital of the country, and starting point for domestic and international flights. The surroundings of Santiago include many attractions such asValparaiso, Viña del Mar and Isla Negra, home to the famous poet Pablo Neruda. TheCentral Valleys are the base of the internationally renowned Chile wines.

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Aliwen Recommends

  • Atacama Desert: one of the driest and most extreme landscapes of the world.
  • Santiago de Chile: the capital of the country, and starting point for domestic and international flights.
  • Lake District: Puerto Montt & Puerto Varas: landscape of volcanoes, water falls, ancient forests and Lakes.
  • Torres del Paine & Punta Arenas: This national park has an spectacularly beautiful landscape.

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